Enclosure for Intel Edison Breakout Board

I have created a first version of an enclosure for the Edison Breakout board. The dimension are just 64 x 33 x 11 mm. The default pins for power and LiPo battery are exposed as well as both mirco USB ports. Four holder pins keep the board fixed in the bottom enclosure. There are also two labels on the bottom to inform about the the power and serial ports as well as a piece that can be easily broken off to access the GPIO ports.

Its not perfect yet but protects the Edison quite well for my intended purposes. I have 3D printed them with a Dimension 3D printer with a layer precision of 0.17 mm.

This is how it looks like printed:

IMG_20141120_214634 (Large)-001 IMG_20141120_214751 (Large)-001

Here are the STL files for download:

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