Blidgets Module Ecosystem

Blidgets – Bluetooth Low Energy Rapid Prototyping Platform

Blidgets is a tiny, Web browser programmable always-on platform for easy creation of smart objects and environments. It was designed and created by Norman Pohl and myself at the University of Stuttgart.

The key features are:

  • Tiny always-on device (25x25x6mm)
  • Runs a year on a coin-cell battery
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth LE
  • 18 GPIO ports
  • Web programmable
  • Stack- and chainable


The current ecosystem of stackable modules includes a joystick, button, accelerometer, LiPo power module, notification module, light sensor and multiple adapters for connecting modules from other Rapid Prototyping platforms such as .NET Gadgeteer or Xadow.

Blidgets Module Ecosystem


Blidget main board

We provide a Smart Hub with web based interface for controlling and mashing up many Blidgets and arbitrary other devices by just creating a few lines of Java-Script code.

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