Shaping a Usable Internet of Things

Thomas Kubitza

I am a researcher and PhD candidate in the Human Computer Interaction Group lead by Albrecht Schmidt at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. My professional interests lie in theresearch-focus.fw area of Ubiquitous Computing and Human Computer Interaction. My research focuses specifically on the intersection of the Internet of Things, Cross-Device Interaction and End User Development.  Many of my projects involve the creation of advanced hardware and software prototypes. Within the meSch FP7 EU project I am responsible for the development of a software and hardware platform that allows end users to easily create interactive smart spaces. In 2014 I had the pleasure to pursue a 3 month internship at Microsoft Research Cambridge where I was part of the Sensors and Devices Group lead by Steve Hodges.

I hold a Master in Computer Science from the University of Duisburg-Essen. As a student researcher I was working in the FP7 EU project PDNET  and I completed my master thesis at the InfoLab21 at the University of Lancaster, UK (Title: Engineering a Privacy Preserving Architecture for Mobile Interaction with Future Pervasive Public Displays Networks, supervised by Nigel Davies). In 2011 I have worked for 4 month at the University of Oulu, Finland where I have lead the development of the Digifieds project – a platform for digital classifieds deployed in the city wide public display network. In parallel to my studies I have gained many years of commercial experience as freelance software engineer for multiple German companies.

Personally I enjoy travelling very much. I practice different kind of sports such as volleyball, climbing and basically everything with a board under my feet ;-).

Feel free to have a look around. You might stumble over some of my projects or impressions from around the world. Drop me a line if you find something interesting.